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Existing Buildings

Passive fire issues within existing buildings is a systemic problem throughout NZ, and in many cases due to the construction and layout of these building, the issues can be difficult and costly to rectify. The team at CeaseFire Consulting have many years of hands on experience in overcoming these difficulties and rectifying the defects and can offer the following services post a passive fire survey having been conducted:

  • Full passive fire system specifications to comply the NZ Building Code & AS4072.1 
  • ANARP 'As near as reasonably practical solutions' where the cost of bring the building up to the current building code is impractical based on a cost verses benefit approach
  • Alternative solutions where there is no current testing for certain penetration or construction types 
  • Liaising with local BCA's (building consent authorities) with regards to passive fire issues in terms of obtaining or complying with a BC or obtaining a COA (Certificate of Acceptance)
  • Construction Monitoring and onsite consultation
  • Peer review of fire stopping specifications
  • Expert witness for legal disputes