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Full Building Surveys

Whether you are applying for a building consent, failed a building warrant of fitness or have simply become aware of passive fire issues within your building, the first place you need to start is, to carry out a passive fire survey throughout the building. This may encompass the entire building or simply sections of the building to identify the true extent of the issues throughout. CeaseFire Consulting are qualified and experienced in conducting passive fire surveys that will consider the following:

Fire separations 

Are they compliant and do they meet the following requirements:

  • FRR required in terms of the original fire engineering design
  • Clauses C3 - Spread of Fire
  • C4 Structural Stability in a Fire of the NZ building code
  • AS4072.1 - Components for the protection of opening in fire-resistant separating elements - part 1: Service penetrations and control joints and have they been compromised in any way

Fire doors

  • Have they been installed correctly
  • Are they in good working order
  • How can necessary repairs be carried out or do they need replacement

Service penetrations through fire separations

Have they been correctly fire rated in accordance with AS4072.1 taking into consideration the following:

  • Service penetration type and size e.g. Pipes, cables, duct etc
  • Size of the penetration
  • Substrate through which it penetrates e.g. wall, floor, ceiling etc
  • Substrate construction method e.g. Concrete, plasterboard, speedwall etc                         
  • FRR - Fire Resistance Rating required